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During these four roundtables, more than 50 speakers (NGOs, entrepreneurs, investors, members of government, local actors, scientists) proposed solutions to mobilize public and private finance.

Panel 1: Scaling-up finance for climate action

Panel 2: Greening finance for sustainable business

Panel 3: Accelerating local and regional climate action

Panel 4: Strengthening policies for ecological and inclusive transition

Climate Agora

The Climate Agora presented 12 projects during three 90-minute sessions organized simultaneously in three spaces at La Seine Musicale. The projects will focus on the following priorities for action: Shifting towards low-carbon transition and development; Stepping up adaptation and resilience to climate change; Solidarity and capacity building.

Panel reports

Presentation of the main announcements per theme


One Planet: 12 commitments to make a difference

Without a firm commitment, without concrete measures, without a joint mobilization of all actors in public life and the economic world, the Paris Agreement cannot be implemented according to a timetable compatible with the accelerated pace of climate change. Let's not wait until it is too late to act! This is the conviction that drives the members, public or private actors, ordinary citizens or high-level officials, mobilized together to act within the framework of the One Planet coalition.

Coping with extreme events in island states.
Climate disruption increases the power of cyclones and hurricanes tenfold. Island states and territories are the most vulnerable and exposed to these extreme events. Behind each tragedy: devastated territories and populations in danger. Adapting means protecting them.

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Protecting land and water resources from the effects of climate change.
Climate change is accelerating desertification and land degradation. To ensure that people have sufficient access to water and satisfactory agricultural resources, it is time to put in place sustainable solutions.

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Mobilize research and youth in favor of the climate.
Advancing knowledge of climate change is essential to inform decision-makers and move forward on the implementation of effective and sustainable solutions. Mobilizing youth is an asset for international cooperation; they are the new face of knowledge for tomorrow's world.

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Public procurement and access to climate financing for local authorities.
The fight against climate change is also waged at the local level. The actions undertaken by regions and cities have a major impact on achieving the common objectives set by the Paris Climate Agreement. Only a mobilization of all can make a difference!

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Zero emission target.
Greenhouse gases emitted by human activities to produce, consume or move around have a lasting impact on the environment and are the main cause of global warming. The Paris Agreement endorsed the "zero emission" objective, to which the initiatives of the One Planet Summit aim to provide concrete answers.

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Sectoral revolutions toward a decarbonized economy.
Coal accounted for more than 40 percent of global electricity generation in 2014. This has alarming consequences for air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions. The One Planet Summit is committed to supporting the transition to renewable energy.

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Pollution-free transportation.
The transportation sector is the leading source of greenhouse gas emissions. Its environmental impact is increasing as we travel more and more. In order for us to be able to breathe again in cities and elsewhere, the actors of the One Planet Summit are committed to pollution-free transport.

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Towards a carbon price compatible with the Paris Agreement.
Increasing prices on the carbon market will encourage economic actors to adopt less polluting practices and give them the means to respect the objectives set by the Paris Agreement.

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Action by central banks and companies.
How can the actions of the public and private sectors in favor of the climate be brought together? Central banks and companies have responded to the call of the One Planet Summit and are committing to take strong measures to redirect financial flows towards a low-carbon economy.

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International mobilization of development banks.
Development banks are working on the ground and supporting the financing of infrastructure and projects in the most fragile countries and in emerging countries. By taking into account sustainability criteria and redirecting their financing, they can play a decisive role in the fight against climate change.

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Engagement of sovereign wealth funds.
To initiate the transition, six sovereign wealth funds are mobilizing to rebuild global finance around the objectives of the Paris Agreement. In charge of national savings, they are calling on investors to integrate climate risk and thus influence the trajectory of the global economy towards sustainable growth.

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Mobilization of institutional investors.
States, banks, investment funds, philanthropists... Institutional investors represent a considerable weight in the global economy. Gathered at the One Planet Summit, they are committed to working together for the climate.

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