One Planet Business for Biodiversity (OP2B) is a unique international cross-sectorial, action-oriented business coalition on biodiversity with a specific focus on agriculture

Initiated within the One Planet Lab framework, the coalition was launched at the United Nations Climate Action Summit in New York on 23 September 2019. The coalition is determined to drive transformational systemic change and catalyze action to protect and restore cultivated and natural biodiversity within the value chains, engage institutional and financial decision-makers, and develop and promote policy recommendations for the 2021 CBD COP15 framework.

Businesses with a strategic agriculture footprint are standing up for an important topic, as agriculture is responsible for 60% of biodiversity depletion. The 27 companies within OP2B are determined to work individually and collectively: to take bold action to protect and restore cultivated and natural biodiversity within their value chains; and engage institutional and financial decision-makers.

Actions are focused around three pillars: scaling up regenerative agricultural practices; boosting cultivated biodiversity and diets through product portfolios; and eliminating deforestation / enhancing the management, restoration and protection high-value natural ecosystems.

The coalition has developed a compendium of systemic, meaningful, measurable solutions that can be implemented by OP2B members in their value chains:
  • 28 case studies related to regenerative agriculture in both mature & emergent market,
  • 13 Restoration of High Value Ecosystems case studies; and
  • 10 Product Portfolio Diversification case studies. See the whole actions here.
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OPB2B is overseen by a steering committee composed of CEO. OP2B has also implemented a scientific advisory board, to ensure the work is supported by science and civil society.

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