At the first One Planet Summit in 2017, the European Commission, France, other member states and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation collectively pledged $ 650 M to finance the adaptation of agriculture to climate change.

Agriculture is one of the first sectors to be impacted by climate change, and it is now time to tackle the issue of climate change impacts and adaptation by mobilizing stakeholders at various levels to ensure its long-term survival and sustainability.

To this end, the European Commission has pledged to mobilize € 270 M to accelerate the transfer of agricultural research results to the field, particularly in developing countries. France will support this commitment by making a financial contribution of € 5 M alongside the other member states, and will call on the skills and expertise of its scientific community. The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is supporting this commitment by announcing the mobilization of a fund of at least $ 300 M, for research and breeding of seeds resistant to agricultural calamities caused by global warming.

We want to build inter-generational teams of African and European researchers to increase knowledge about Africa's needs.
Director, Agricultural Development, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation