Some 50 business leaders, gathered in the "One Forest Business Forum", launched the "10by30" initiative, which aims to generate 10 million jobs in activities related to sustainable exploitation of tropical forests by 2030.

This initiative aims to foster the development of sustainable value chains in tropical forests through training (principles of sustainable agriculture and forestry, use of organic fertilisers, etc.), decarbonisation and investments, thus allowing local communities to benefit directly from sustainable forest management.

This vision should indeed accelerate the transition to the bioeconomy and local processing, which are much more profitable for local populations.

The identified objectives of the initiative are:

  1. Developping plantations dedicated to the use of firewood to curb deforestation.
  2. Promoting agroforestry coupled with agro-industrial activities to advance innovative solutions, improve food self-sufficiency and increase exports.
  3. Helping governments develop land-use planning to protect biodiversity and reduce charcoal production.
  4. Promoting harmonized industry standards on environmental, social and governance issues at the local and global levels.
  5. Adopting circular economy principles in our supply chains, promoting synergies to increase resource efficiency.
  6. Investing alongside governments in skills development programs and vocational training centers in partnership with local governments, thereby increasing employability.
  7. Reducing the carbon intensity of products by tracking greenhouse gas emissions, adopting low and zero carbon technology solutions throughout our supply chains, and bringing natural resource supply chains closer to consumers.
  8. Implementing sustainable forestry operations and forest conservation programs.
  9. Promoting traceability solutions that build trust, efficiency and sustainability.
  10. Fostering public-private partnerships leading to technology transfer, skills development and investment.
  11. Collaborating with existing global and regional initiatives and platforms to bring a new dimension and greater sustainability.
Commitments made

Companies attending the One Forest Summit in March 2023 have made commitments to this initiative.

Discover the commitments of SouthBridge Investments, Eurazeo, Eramet, Comestic Valley, ARISE, OKALA, Touton, Kermap, Rougier, Flying Whales, GSEZ, VALGO, and the Interprofessional Council of Coffee and Cocoa (CICC).


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